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Ugh, the fact that I even have to write this post is annoying. We all know that the Instagram algorithm is the worst thing to happen to the app {aside from the many technical issues} and it is pretty much filled with ads. Anyone else feel stressed when going on Instagram?

Instagram has basically ruined any chances for influencers to grow and engage with their following since hardly anyone who follows them sees the content, unless they have their post notifications on. Since not everybody wants to do that, only 10% of your following are seeing your posts on Instagram. It's not fair to bloggers who work hard on their content and not get the reaction they deserve.

So, I searched the Internet and asked you guys to send me tips on how to beat this horrible algorithm, since it effects all of us, not just online influencers.

1. Post consistently

This is something I have a serious problem with recently. The algorithm change has effected my engagement with my followers heavily, which in result, leaves me not wanting to post. I know it shouldn't just be about the numbers, and it isn't, but you have to admit that not getting a whole lot of likes on something you put a lot of effort into kinda hurts. 

Posting consistently doesn't mean posting multiple times a day一although you can if you want. This means staying true to the brand that you are portraying on your feed. Whether it's a consistent style of photo or effect, consistency is key.

2. You receive what you give

Engagement is a two-way street. To get engagement on your posts, you must give engagement on others. This means liking other's photos and throwing them a comment here and there. I personally love to make it known when I love a photo, so of course I'll comment some kind words. I try my very hardest to respond or "like" each comment that I receive on my posts, especially when they are directly on my blog. It's just a nice way to acknowledge your readers and make them feel special. 

3. Post on Instagram Story

As I was searching around for the best tips on how to beat the algorithm, the number one "solution" was posting constantly on your story. This is probably the easiest way to get a little more attention on your page. 

4. Use relevant hashtags

If you're using hashtags to help boost your photo, make sure they're up to date and relevant! Every once in a while, switch up the tags you use for your posts and it should help reach more people.

5. Look at your analytics

Instagram has two options for a profile: business and regular. If you have a business profile, look at your statistics about when the best time to post is. It'll also tell you how many followers you've gained over the last seven days, what percentage of men and women follow you, their age, the cities and countries, and more. I think it's really helpful in desperate times as such. And if you don't feel like switching your profile to a business from regular, don't worry, there are plenty of other apps that serve as great options. {Planoly is my favorite}. 

6. Caption game

The caption must be strong. I really do suck at captions, but since I've learned that this factors into my engagement, I'm striving to do better. Making engaging captions, like asking your followers a question and having them respond in the comments is great for traffic on your profile and feed.

Sooo, these are the 6 tips I've come up with regarding this terrible Instagram algorithm. If you are a smaller influencer like myself, I do hope that these tips help out with your engagement. If you have any tips that I have not included, comment below, I'd love for you to share!