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Welcome to my first holiday edition! I know I'm a bit behind on the sending out my gift guides and other holiday posts, but I am a college student who should really be writing two final papers right now....anyway

I'm starting off the holiday season with a list of things I'd like under the Christmas tree this year. There is zero guarantee that I'll receive any of these gifts, but hey, why not share it anyway? Maybe I'll be surprised, but probably not. Let's get started. Click on the heading to shop the items that I've listed.

I literally talk about these shoes every day, and to be a little more specific, they are called the Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafer. I've wanted a pair of these since I was 13 and hopefully this will be the year!

Long story short, I was planning on buying this myself, BUT the card holder I did have got stolen early last week. It was Tory Burch and had $110 in cash inside - because I'm an idiot - that was going to go towards this new card holder except now, not only am I not getting this card holder at the moment, I'm also down $110 with no ID's. Ha ha. 

I live for Aritzia. I really do, and this sweater is so simple yet detailed. I'm not one to wear color, but I'd even consider buying the red.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 12.17.41 PM.png

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Dainty jewelry is usually the way to go with me since I'm never too extravagant with what I wear, and I usually never take it off. Mejuri has the most beautiful, minimalist jewelry and I'm pretty much obsessed with these two necklaces here. Shop the Zodiac collection {mine's an Aries} and the Spheres Necklace.

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This scent is probably the best thing I've ever smelled and it is going to be the scent of my life, starting with this perfume. It smells so clean and fresh. Next, I'll invest in the candles, lotions, body oils.... It's that good.

What's on your list this year?