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If you’ve been keeping up on Instagram in the last month, I have made some big purchases for staples in my closet. If you haven’t been to my Instagram, I guess it’s fine because I’m listing everything new right here for you in case you’d like to shop it as well. Without further adieu, here is everything new.

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I’m so happy I finally pulled the trigger on these sneakers after looking at them for a year. They were horrible to break in, but it was totally worth it. I wear them literally almost everyday.

I have gotten so much wear out of this sweater. I can dress it up and down and I always get compliments on this piece. The quality is also amazing for the price that it is!

Disclaimer: I got this bag at Nordstrom Rack price {$60.97} and the color, Whisper Grey, is sold out. However, it is a great bag to have, the perfect size, and Allsaints has amazing leather quality. It’s definitely worth the mini-splurge.

I’ve posted these pants before and here they are again. I live in them. They’re so comfortable and are a great price point. If you buy anything from this blog post, I recommend these first.

Another piece I have been watching for years and finally pulled the trigger on. It’s worth every penny.

Please excuse the fact that I am not wearing a shirt. My sweater was just too thick to try on with the jacket. I’m in love with this. It looks designer for that affordable price by one of my favorite bloggers, Arielle Charnas of Something Navy.

Another Something Navy coat that I of course had to add to my collection. The color in person is less-camel than I thought, but it’s actually very pretty.

And finally…the biggest purchase I have made myself, ever. I am obsessed, to say the least, even if I have 3 other pairs of black booties in my closet. Look forward to me wearing them, like, everyday.

If you’ll notice in the photos, I’ve been wearing the same things, just a little differently. I’m beginning to invest in staple pieces for my wardrobe because I find that it is the best way for me to figure out what I want in my style.