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I'm still suffering from the sunburn I got on this vacation, but honestly, I don't mind. I love Texas. I. Love. Texas. So much I said it twice. So much, I reconsidered why I moved to Chicago and not Houston. Still reconsidering.

Side note: I totally forgot to use my hashtag, #TheMarengoes while I was there. I'm so sad, so I guess I'll just have to go back and use it then.

Over my much-needed spring break from college, I headed down south to Houston, Texas with my best friend from home, Maddie Malone {A.K.A.: The Package}. The day we picked her up from the airport was literally an all-day excursion, but I think I'll save that story for another time. It's worth it. 

We spent a week in Houston, in a bubble-suburb called The Woodlands, as that's where my family lives. The Woodlands has everything you'd ever need, so you never have to leave. I think that's awesome and seriously love the feel of the suburbia, strange for someone like me who thrives on city life. Maddie and I explored the whole city together, from shopping on Market Street to simply laying out in the pool in my family's backyard. That was where I got the wicked sunburn I'm currently still suffering from. I'm still as beat red as I was when it happened. I'm blistering and peeling....I've never really peeled before and oh my god, I feel like a snake. TMI, I know, but oh well. 

I've gathered a few things to do in the Houston/surrounding area to hopefully help you out if you ever travel down there! Disclaimer: I have a thing for toursity things, so fair warning....

1. Market Street, The Woodlands, TX - great shopping & food

2. Downtown Aquarium, Downtown Houston, TX - overpriced food but fun for the family!

3. Galveston Island, Galveston, TX - a beach

4. The Galleria, Houston, TX - a very large mall with an ice rink inside

5. Houston Space Center, Houston, TX - so cool and interesting! 

Have more suggestions about what to do in Houston? Cool things to do in Dallas or Austin? Let me know in the comments below!