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Fair warning; this post is photo heavy.

I have finally arrived home from a just under 3-week stint in Europe, most of the time being spent in Ireland! It was my first time in Ireland and I have to say, it is such a beautiful country. I was on a 10-day study abroad trip for the first part of the trip, then another week spent with a friend. This post will be set up by which cities we traveled to throughout the trip with some photos that did not make it to Instagram. Check out my travel hashtag, #TheMarengoes, on Instagram!

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We left Chicago on Monday, the 12th of June in the evening on United Airlines. I personally love flying, so long flights don't bother me. Click here to shop my trusty Matt & Nat backpack. I carried it with me everyday.

Temple Bar, Dublin

Temple Bar, Dublin

My group arrived in Dublin, Ireland at around 7:30 in the morning. I had only slept about 2 hours on the plane {give or take} and could already feel the jet lag setting in. I am not a pleasant person to be around when I'm over tired, so sorry to my group for that. After a nap and some food from The Old Storehouse in Temple Bar, I was fine. Who takes well to jet lag, anyway?

We spent 3 days in Dublin, staying at The Harding Hotel. The experience there was okay, and it was close to Temple Bar, where we spent a lot of time. It was right across the street from Christ Church. 

Day one in Dublin. Shop the outfit  here

Day one in Dublin. Shop the outfit here

The super fun group of girls I traveled with!

Next up was Cork, Ireland. We stayed here for hardly 18 hours, but it was a very cute, little city. Parts of my family has come from Cork, so it was cool to finally see what it was like, even if it was such a short time. 


Our hotel was called the Hotel Isaacs Cork and this hotel could not have been cuter! Plus, it had American electrical sockets and the wifi was amazing. Inside the hotel, there was this restaurant called Greenes Restaurant. It was a very posh restaurant and the 3-course meals were exquisitely displayed. Pictures were taken, of course.

The next day we headed out and made a stop in Cobh Harbour. If you don't know what that is, that was the last location where the Titanic stopped before it sank. In a past life, I definitely was on that ship and that was where I died. Below is Haley and I making an attempt at the Chi Omega hand sign on the edge of the dock at Cobh. 

And to end that day, we arrived in Doolin, Ireland. I didn't think I'd like this place, but I have to say that it was my favorite. Doolin was absolutely stunning. I've never seen so much green in my life. It's the countryside and we stayed in bed & breakfast's for one night. Below is the view from the living area of the bed & breakfast I stayed in. 

Near the B&B was a path that you followed to reach the sea. I set off to explore what Doolin had to offer and on the way, we passed 16th century church ruins {that is still used today!}. It was probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen. 

However, my favorite part of Doolin was going to the sea and the Cliffs of Moher. Hearing the waves crash against the rocks and feeling the water spray on my face as I got closer is a feeling that can never be recreated. It truly was beautiful and unlike anything else I'd ever seen.

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Shop my shoes here

Standing and sitting on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher {after finding out that 9 people had died there since April} was one of the most exhilarating feelings because there was nothing below me. It was a terrifyingly rewarding experience. 

And the last stop of the trip was Galway, Ireland. Cue Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran. We stayed at the Imperial Hotel, which could've been better, but it wasn't the worst. It was just a little strange with all of the twists and turns and stairs in weird places. 

The streets were lined with extremely talented performers and this one caught our eye on the last night. It was a great way to go out. 

Have you been to Ireland? What did you do?