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I have been in this city long enough to be able to make a city guide, right? Here's a guide to all things about my adoptive home of Chicago, Illinois.


This is a hard one since I can think of literally 100 different places I'd recommend, though I managed to narrow down my favorites. {If you want any other suggestions, feel free to message me directly, because I have plenty of others}.

Chicago Q  THIS PLACE! I'm obsessed, many of you already know that. It's my favorite spot in the city to get barbecue and it's one of the best barbecue restaurants I've ever been to. A must try. Gold Coast.

The Allis at SoHo 一 A gorgeous place in the SoHo location in Chicago. Though SoHo is usually an exclusive location, The Allis is a spot open to the public. It's totally Instagram-worthy, which just adds to how great it is. West Loop.

Blue Door Farm Stand 一 The cutest little place. A homey feel for brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks. Lincoln Park.

3 Arts Cafe at Restoration Hardware 一 A basic one, but a go-to when you want good food and a pretty background. You can also walk around Restoration Hardware as you wait and it is seriously the best. I don't know how to put it into words so you have to visit for yourself.


Every other building I look at downtown is a hotel. These are my top choices.


LondonHouse 一 {Above} So I haven't actually stayed here myself, but I once hung out in a suite all day long and I fell in love with the place. It's right on the river and has a gorgeous view of the city, a rooftop bar and a lounge on the second floor that has a delicious menu. The Loop.

The Hilton Chicago 一 This is the big Hilton on South Michigan Avenue, and I've stayed here quite a few times. The inside of the hotel is beautiful and has a sky deck with a pool. It's a great place to stay if you enjoy a bit of a walk towards the heart of the city. The Loop.

The Langham 一 Another hotel with a beautiful view of the city and that is something I think is necessary to have. This hotel is on the more expensive side, but worth every single penny. It's located right on the river {across from LondonHouse} and is a quick walk to everything you'd need. Fun fact: One Direction has stayed in this hotel, so this is of course my favorite hotel in the city. River North.


The shopping here is amazing. Otherwise, I would've had to move away.

Armitage Avenue 一 A seriously underrated street in Chicago with the cutest shops and restaurants on the north side.  

The Magnificent Mile 一 Totally obvious, but a must. Even if you don't actually shop, there's plenty of window shopping that can be done, along with hundreds of restaurants in walking distance. 

Oak Street 一 The high end street that I love to walk down. Tom Ford, Prada, Christian Louboutin, and Hermès have their home on this street as well as a few great restaurants.  


Depending on the season, here are a few of my favorite things to do in the city.

Blackhawks game 一 OF COURSE I would recommend this, as if any of you haven't seen it on my Instagram story enough times. If you're in town during hockey season, I definitely think you should head over to the United Center to see a game. Any other season, I'd say probably a Cubs game up at Wrigley Field, since those are just as fun. 

Museums 一 There are so many museums in Chicago and they have every one you can think of, so it's worth heading to at least one while you're in town. 

Riverboat Cruise 一 Definitely something to plan for if you're visiting in the spring or summer, and it's super touristy, but I'm in for the ride on a boat and some great views. A piece of advice, take the cruise that goes out on the lake because they also head down the river. {More for the money}.

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Walk around 一 This is how I've found the hidden gems. Chicago is a walking city and that's my favorite way of getting around and seeing the sights while getting in a bit of exercise. If you can help it, I suggest walking around instead of cabbing it or taking an Uber so you don't miss out on the little spots. 

Any other Chicago recommendations? Let me know!